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Monday, April 20, 2015

Blog Post #5 Part 2

PLN: Personal Learning Network
Throughout the EDM 310 course we have started to build our own PLN as well as connect with other teachers and students allowing us access to all types of teaching and learning resources. Having a variety of other students and teachers in our PLN will insure that we can branch out and ask for help, advice, or even just have an educational conversation.

The first additions to my (PLN) will first be my professors. At this stage in my education they are the closest quality tool I have to help me in all aspects of my education.Second, would be through some of our EDM310 assignments comments for teachers (C4T) , comments for kids (C4K), and Twitter. I hope to continually build and expand my (PLN) as I continue to grow as not only a student but also as an educator. 

C4K (Final)


Mrs. Lombard's 7th Grade Class

Student: Jack R.

Jack wrote about how to hit a dinger ball while playing baseball and talked about the best way to run the bases after hitting one.

I commented, My name is Danielle and I am a student at the University of South Alabama I myself do not know a whole lot about baseball, I’m more of a football fan so I have never hit a dinger ball or a home run ball. I am guessing that you have though because you seem to know the coolest way to run the bases..bald eagle and American flag, that sounds awesome! Maybe one day I will get to hit one and see what it is like. I enjoyed reading your blog and good luck in the future!

John Hanson French Immersion School in Prince Georges, MD
Ms. Thomas
Student: Gabby

Gabby wrote,
I am going to make mark by going to college majoring in experimental physics and then going into the Marines and fighting in the war. If I live after the many wars I will hopefully fight then I hope to work at a very prestigious Universty in the physics department and hopefully confirm string theory then go into cosmology or dark matter or even stay in experimental physics.

Hi Gabby, 

I am a student at the University of South Alabama studying to become an educator. I think you have some amazing goals for your future and all of them can be attained if you put your mind to it and work hard. Physics is such an interesting subject, however I will have to do my research on the string theory because that sounds very intriguing. Thank you for introducing me to something new. Happy blogging!  

Auroa School in South Taranaki, New Zealan   

Student: J. Forsyth

Jayden wrote about his family farm and how some of their cows were acting weird. One cow jumped over their fence and the cows got out and had to be rounded up by him and his father.

I commented, 

Hi Jayden!

My name is Danielle Fields. I am a student of EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I am also very curious about the cow disease you mentioned above. I was thinking that maybe some sort of disease caused the cow to jump over the fence and act weird. Hopefully none of your cows were hurt because of this. I hope you continue to blog, keep up the good work.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Blog Post #13

What Did I Leave Out?
This week's blog post is centered around EDM 310 and something that I felt my professor may have left out that we should have done in this course.

We have done so many creative and useful things in this course throughout the semester. Many of the activities we have learned about and had to demonstrate I anticipate I will bring to my own classroom. There is only one thing that comes to mind that I feel might have been beneifical in our journey with EDM 310. I think if we did a blog post or video post that centered around a classroom observation in our area of education by taking a so called "field trip" to in my case an elementary classroom and observed their use of technology and ability to access and use the technology. 

This assignment could be done either as a collaborative or individual blog post. This type of assignment would give future teachers a first hand look at what we will be surrounding ourselves and our students with as well as techniques and first and ideas and experiences from a teacher and their students' use of the technology.

I observed Ms. Beck's first grade classroom at Mary B. Austin. In this classroom they have a Smart-board and only four Ipads available. The Smart-board is used a lot for all subject areas such as spelling, phonics, math, grammar, even art and science activities. It is great for interactive activities for the students' to not only view but also participate in. The Ipads are also great for practicing and reinforcing what the students are learning through interactive games and other apps. A down side to the Ipads is that there are not enough to issue each child one to use for the school year. This means that access is very limited to the students and they do not get the full benefactors that the Ipads could be giving them. Overall, it is great to see technology being used at such a rapid rate in today's schools and I look forward to seeing our classroom technology progress even more in the future.